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The Story

Hello & Welcome! My name is Coral Rodriguez I'm a lifestyle photographer, and family sessions have been a specialty of mine. I have always been known for laughing too loud and having my camera right at my side. Whenever I'm not taking pictures, I like to fill my days with tea, being with friends, laying in the sun with my cat Oreo and road tripping to new places. My
photography style is natural, lively, warm, and inviting. There is truly nothing more rewarding than capturing the love and joy between people and getting to provide a tangible piece that they can treasure for the rest of their lives. I live for the relationships that form after meeting with clients documenting real moments between people.
So far, I have had the privilege of capturing family and big events since 2012 and it fills my heart with a whole lot of gratitude being able to watch moments unfold in front of my lens.
My goal behind my camera is to remind people that their love and beauty is authentic and worth capturing.

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